Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Why travel?

My bags are packed, I'm ready to go...And yet, I'm consumed by worry. I have nightmarish images of flipping over from the weight of my over-stuffed hiking backpack, limbs flailing like some lanky and nylon-shelled turtle. I worry that I am over-packed. I worry that I am under-packed. I worry that, holy hell, how am I going to carry: (1) large hiking backpack, (1) small duffel bag, (1) school-sized backpack, and (1) sleeping bag? I especially worry about how I am going to manage all that plus the equipment that I will receive at training. I worry about staying in cabins and dorm rooms and sharing bathrooms with other people. I worry about not liking my trip co-leader. I worry about logistics, travel and accomodations, laundry and personal hygiene. I worry that perhaps a good trip leader would be a bit more relaxed and laid-back and not be so worried about everything. I'm wound so tight that I worry about worrying.

I particularly worry that I'm forgetting something. Internet, you could help assuage some of my worries if you would kindly answer me this...Internet, what in the blue blazes am I forgetting?


  1. I've got it! Q-tips!

    Whew, that was a close one.

  2. Floss? Handi-wipes? Nail clippers? Spare underwear!!

  3. Just don't forget your credit card. I would say "don't forget your sense of humor!" but that kind of sounds like something someone's completely unhelpful uncle would say before punching him or her in the shoulder and guffawing.

  4. Don't forget... that you're not going to some third-world country; whatever you forget (or didn't realize that you'd need), you can buy there.

    Don't forget... not to panic.

    Don't forget... to have fun!

  5. You probably forgot to worry about an outbreak of norovirus among the kids, some extra-curricular hanky-panky resulting in an unexpected (but highly hilarious) pregnancy, or a French cheese-maker's strike. Equally importantly, and since you missed out on the wilderness first responder course, you should worry about bear attacks.

  6. ...a clip board? rach you are like so prepared. forgettaboutit!

  7. Whew! I'm alive! And I'm in North Carolina! I've been out of internet and cell phone range for the last (?) days, but I'm now back in civilization, in case anyone was worried! (Anyone? Hello???) I am tres busy here but maybe I'll be back with a new entry in a day or so. In case anyone missed me or anything. (Seriously? Hellloooooooo???) Hope you all are well!

  8. Missed you? Who are you? No, really.

    Actually, some of us were raising money to request a helicopter search of North Carolina wooded areas and hire some cadaver-sniffing search dogs to cover the swamps.

    Glad you're OK.

  9. Hello? Hi!

    I still check in every day, but am glad to see you've been busy. Instead of, um, ignoring us?!?! I kid...

    Do your stuff. I'll be here whenever you choose to grace us with your words.