Sunday, May 25, 2008

Why I should have been a marketing major

During the ten hours or so in the truck between Boston and Maryland yesterday, I noticed there was something strange about this air freshener tree.
Black Ice? Really, this is the name they came up with? Mmmm...smells like crisp winter mornings, the first snow of the season and ohmygodlookout!!!!!!!!

You know, I wish I had been present at the meeting were someone thought naming the new auto air freshener scent "Black Ice" was a good idea. Because I have a few suggestions of my own to propose:

Smells like panic and summer rain.

Smells like pine forests, musk, and melted rubber tire tracks on peaceful country roads.

These would be sold separately from my Puppies 'N' Rainbows Value Pak.

Yeah, I spent ten hours in a moving truck yesterday, this is the best you're getting from me. Happy holiday, all.


  1. Welcome home! We missed you.

    Spent Saturday driving to NYC-Brooklyn-Westchester for a wedding today and driving back this afternoon after a huge meal and many wine glasses and champagne toasts. Don't. And there ain't nothing good happening on the New Jersey Turnpike ever. At least no taffic today.

  2. this was so funny! i would totally buy the deer one...

  3. If I ever start up a band, "Panic and Summer Rain" will be the name of our first single.

    This was hilarious.

  4. Oh P.S! I rented "Lars and the Real Girl" and I absolutely loved it.