Friday, May 2, 2008

Why I love presents (and procrastinating)

All things that sound better than writing papers right now:

*writing thank you notes
*organizing my files
*hand shredding millions of old bank statements armed with a pair of scissors, an aching hand, and a boatload of determination
*balancing my checkbook
*learning how to bind my own books
*deciding which of my birthday presents is impossibly cuter

Seriously, I can't decide! Is it the mini-journals?

(Noodle provided for size comparison, and because he likes to get in on the present action).

Four impossibly cute mini-journals and a matchbook (size comparison again). Any one of them is exactly the right size for say, tucking into a carry-on and bringing to France. But I have the new journal fear! What can I possibly write that's worthy of the adorably funky fabric covers and the pristine blank pages?

Impossibly cute present #2: cupcake-shaped mini-lipglosses! And they smell just like your Strawberry Shortcake doll from the 80s!

I'm also afraid to use these. They're just so adorable and doll-sized. The last time I had a tiny adorable lipgloss that I loved, I left it in the pocket of my pants and sent it through the washer and dryer. That was a sad day. A sad, sad day. Did you know even tiny adorable lipglosses leave stains that will never, ever come out?

I also got a bracelet made by hipsters in Brooklyn. This one I'm not afraid to use, probably because unlike journals and lipglosses, I can't use it up.

It's made out of an old record!

And I love it. Thank you Tal!!!

Anyway, have a good weekend everyone. I'll be here, thinking about touching a pen to the blank pages of my impossibly cute journals, and sweating and shaking in terror at the thought. Oh, and writing about twenty pages of various papers. Due Monday. *Gulp.*

Now if you'll excuse me, I think I can find some bills to pay, or some...carpet lint to...sort. I can't be expected to work in an environment with unorganized carpet lint! First things first, people.


  1. Some sugestions ...

    Office Depot and Staples have paper shredders for around $60. This makes "record-keeping" much easier on the hands. Too expensive? Use the one in the office!

    Get a checking account with free online checking, i.e., Bank of America. Pay all bills online. No more checks, no more balancing ct. I haven't written a check or balanced an account sine 2002. It's the greatest thing since Coca Cola. (Also, it's great for people who are overseas, as in, not in this country. Because the Internet is international.)

    You're welcome!

  2. Procrastination is my second middle name (after Distractible). If you drank caffeine, I'd suggest going for a coffee break. Coffee is much more delicious when you have something else that you should be working on, especially because you can tell yourself that the caffeine will help you get motivated to get started.

  3. P.S. I love the bracelet!

  4. maybe we could both invest in one paper shredder since they seem so perfect to have, but yet not usable all the time (ie. once you have done your shredding) they should make a zip shredder.
    my weekend in boston was so so so much fun. you have carved out a really nice life there. and the popsicles on the balcony made me feel like i was in a ad. hope you have a great post birthday week!

  5. I have those same exact mini-journals! What are the odds. Ha. Hurrah for my first blog-post.

  6. This is not your first blog post, silly. This is your first comment on a blog post. Welcome! But you should totally start a blog and write your first blog post. I'd read it. :)

    And that is really funny about the journals. They do look Canaan-y. All the polka dots and all. :)