Friday, May 16, 2008

Why anticipation is the sweetest part

Accomodations have been arranged for me during the pre-trip scouting portion of my voyage, where my official duties include things like, "check out the local market and beaches. Plan a scavenger hunt." A little Google searching turned up the following: My digs in Amboise:

I'll be staying here in La Rochelle:

And here in Paris:

I'm going to go ahead and assume that every room comes with this view. And this basket of bread and wine.

I'm getting just the teensiest bit excited.


  1. Are you KIDDING about those accomodations??? They're all fabulous!!!! You may NEVER go home again!!! (Enjoy them all with all your heart.)

    Btw, I see that you're reading the Heather Armstrong book. Are you enjoying it? I read a few of the stories and then sold mine on

  2. I bought the book thinking I might give it to my dad for Father's Day, but after reading it I don't think I will. It doesn't seem exactly like his style. I liked it though, probably because I read most of those bloggers anyway, and so I know where they're coming from. But yeah, there are parts of it that are quite...dark. Not exactly the feel-good book you would give as a gift.

  3. DUDE! Those are some sweet accomodations.

  4. i think this is why the french invented "oh la la". either they did or my!