Thursday, April 17, 2008

Why is everyone a critic?

So far I've only received one response to my craigslist posting, from Shawn, who says: have waaaaaaay too much time on your hands

Dear Shawn,

Not really. I knocked it out in about half an hour, after American Idol and before working on my 25 page research paper, entitled "Objets d'échange: Le rôle de la femme dans les chansons de geste du moyen age." What did you do tonight?

Though I do appreciate you taking time out of your obviously packed schedule to inform me of your disapproval. As a total stranger, that kind of caring and concern mean a lot to me.


It's ok. Someday I'll meet a man who appreciates my bad poetry. Right? Right???


  1. You did the right thing by making the post, and do not have too much time. You should not expect anyone to appreciate anything bad, though-- that is unreasonable and reductionist. Taste (like thumbs and a rich tradition of origami construction) is one of the things that separate humans from zebras and other non-human animals.

  2. Wow! The conversation has taken a turn for the philosophical. Perhaps I should clarify what I mean by "appreciate." I mean appreciate in the sense that, for instance...Years ago Talia painted a portrait of me that I proudly displayed in my room, though it was perhaps no Mona Lisa. But I loved it because it was made for me by someone who cares about me. And therefore, I appreciated it. The same holds true for bad poetry, I think. So yes, one can appreciate bad poetry, opposable thumbs notwithstanding!

  3. fyi your mother and i both thought it was a nice painting. hmpf. there goes that birthday present idea...

  4. This analogy has gone horribly awry. I apologize. I love the painting! I think it's the bee's knees! Please make me more paintings!

  5. my next work of art will be called la femme avec le ball. you are my original muse rach, like it or not!

  6. Your poetry made me laugh. Any guy who reads it and doesn't realize how witty, smart and fun you are, has no idea what he is missing.

    ps. I think you need to take a pic of the painting now.

  7. wow-- your research paper topic sounds AMAZING!!!

    so cool


  8. Thanks! I just hope it turns out as amazing as it sounds... :)