Thursday, April 10, 2008

Why I'll be moving my blog to a new, secret location. Contact me for details*

So, I went out with Greg over a month ago, right? We played Boggle. I didn't write much about it because I thought he might be lurking somewhere out there in Inter-space (like outer space, but with more porn), reading my blog. But I wasn't sure. Two weeks went by without a word. Then one day he struck up a casual gmail chat conversation. Pleasantries were exchanged. Then two more weeks went by. Then another gmail chat. And, well, it appears he may be trying to tell me something. But again, I'm not sure. What do you think?

Gregory: hey ray way
me: heya. what's up?
Gregory: just got home. engineering sucks. how are you today?
me: i'm doing ok
Gregory: uh oh, phone call
me: k
Gregory: i'm back

me: ok
Gregory: so anyway, my verbalistic friend
me: verbalistic?
Gregory: oui
me: how's that?
Gregory: you like words
me: true
(Wait, you know I like words because we played Boggle, or because you're reading my blog?)
Gregory: you're very expressive
(Oh my god, he's totally onto me!)
Gregory: facial expressions. am i right?
(Ok, so maybe he's not onto me?)
me: i am? i wouldn't know
Gregory: i think that you have a lovely presence
(Also, hitting on me?)
me: well thanks. you do too
Gregory: we both do. i think that your slim figure and height add to it
me: ahh
Gregory: yes. ahh

So, is he onto me? Am I just paranoid? (But it's not paranoia if they really are out to get me!) And what possesses a guy to by turns ignore you, hit on you, and still not ask you out on a proper date?

Speak now or forever hold your peace!!!!!!

*Totally just kidding. We all know I'm much too lazy for that.


  1. Ah, yes, unprotected word play can lead to all sorts of ... situations, if you get the drift of my innuendo.

    But maybe this guy just wants to have sex with you ------- times. Or something. Not that I approve, you understand. But I am old.

    (Seriously, the Boggle man sounds like he's just engaging in a bunch of very idle chatter, with no real purpose that I can discern.)


  2. Ok, let's keep it clean and friendly here, please.

  3. i dont understand. was i unclean or unfriendly? not that i wouldn't be unclean, but i just like to know when i am (or am not).

    BTW, pot kettle black. Yes, its your blog, your prerogative to be saucy.

  4. I can't comment on whether or not he's on to you, but from that g-chat alone, that guy seems like a bit of a douche (to put it delicately).
    If he's reading this...sorry dude, but when you ignore a girl after a first date, hit on her over g-mail chat in a creepy fashion, and then still don't ask her out on a proper date, well that makes you a douche.

  5. I would tell you, Grumpy.

    I was simply stating my concern over the facility of that mental leap, from Boggle to sex, effected by my male readers. It seemed a little, well, boggling to me. But then again I've never pretended to understand the male mind.

    Moving on!

  6. * I'm pretty relieved, I can't keep track of all the different blogs and updates and things.

  7. I don't think he's onto your blog, but I agree with Georgia that he sounds like a bit of a douche. "I think that your slim figure and height add to it"???

    Take a pass on this one, IMHO.

  8. i like the part where he says he has a lovely presence too. just what you want in a man!
    oh rach where do you find these people?

  9. Ha, I have a feeling that if he is reading, I probably won't be hearing from him again any time soon. You guys are harsh! Harsh but fair. Guys need to learn to watch themselves when the Internet's got my back!