Saturday, March 29, 2008

Why Sprint really stands for (S)crewing (P)eople (R)egularly (In) the (T)ushie

Apparently uploading that video of myself from my cell phone a couple weeks ago cost me a cool $17.97 in "Casual Data Usage" this month.

What. The. FUCK????????

I knew there would be a price to Internet notoriety, I just didn't know it would be charged by the kilobyte.

As an impoverished grad student to a giant, faceless, billion-dollar corporation, I just want to say thanks, Sprint. You've totally made my billing cycle. And you can totally kiss my impoverished grad student tushie.


  1. I like to think of my ass as the Mona Lisa: a work of art, to be sure, and yet inscrutable and shrouded in mystery (or at least until the third date).

    So maybe you can explain how Sprint got to the third date. :)


  2. ok you hate sprint i hate verizon. maybe we should start a phone company that people actually like. we could rule the world!
    and, um, can we start it before the reunion? that would show david atkins!

  3. I was gonna mention your frequent referral to anal sex, but I see someone beat me to it. So I won't. This is me not mentioning it.

  4. Sometimes I like to compare the comments I receive from my female commenters with those I receive from my male commenters. Just a little game I play.

    My point? Nothing. 'Tis interesting, is all. No?

  5. this reminds me of another outrageously high cell phone bill you had to pay once rach.... ring a bell??

  6. But it's different now that my mom's not paying my bill!! This time it's personal.