Saturday, March 8, 2008

Why every day should be Women's Day

Happy Women's Day!!!!

While in the U.S. Woman's Day is more commonly known as a monthly magazine for the conscientious housewife that is currently cluttering up my parents' house with twenty years of recipes, helpful household hints, and saccharine anecdotes (along with several decades more back issues of Family Circle, but don't even get me started on that), in other countries March 8 is a day to celebrate the economic, social, and political achievements of women. I had never heard of the holiday here, but when I was living in France I remember that one day, seemingly like any other day, as soon as I walked out the door in the morning I was smiled at warmly by armies of flower-bearing women in the streets, as they pressed daffodils into my hands, les jonquils. "Merci," I said. "Mais, pourquoi?" "Parce que c'est le jour de la femme!" they exclaimed happily. Damn, what a great idea, I remember thinking. Leave it to the French...

Mais non! Apparently it is not only the French who celebrate this often overlooked international holiday, as I learned when I signed on to my okcupid account this morning and received this missive from a user named sexinrome, writing from 4,328 miles away:

HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY !!I bet 10 hot kisses you didn't expect wishes from Rome today !HAVE I WON ??Franco

Well-played, Franco. Well-played.

Happy Women's Day, everyone. And men, make sure you tell the woman in your life how much you appreciate her. Maybe buy her some flowers, too. Tulips are always nice. Or so I've heard.

In the meantime maybe I'll tell my mother that I love her, and also she has two more weeks until National Cleaning Week. In observance of this most sacred of holidays she should really get rid of all outdated periodicals, because Mom, this magazine? It expired in 1986. And that is So. Gross.


  1. La maman est-elle un lecteur régulier à vous?


  2. Bien sûr que non. You think I'm crazy?

  3. HAHA! That's so funny. I got something from Paulo's mom (from Brasil, lives in Buenos Aires) and thought it was just email clutter. Wee! Happy Women's Day!

  4. Happy Woman's Day to you sweet sweet Rachel....Hope you are having a most spectacular saturday, and remember; you are so very very lovely!!!

    My 7 yr old who is in french immersion but unsure of how to say Happy Woman's Day to you says 'Bonne Filles Fete'!!!

  5. Belle et brillante femme, oui. Mais fou? Non, chérie.


  6. Mille mercis to you and your seven year-old, Heidi. And French immersion class for the wee ones? Gosh I love Canada! :)