Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Why if I use the words 'my blog' one more time, you have permission to smack me

me: nothing remotely interesting is happening to me. have any stories for my blog?
Tom: Um...None that would meet your standards. sorry
me: standards? i have standards? that sounds very haughty of me. So, what's wrong with my blog?
Tom: Nothing! I was saying you have standards for your blog
me: but, i do?
Tom: as in high standards
me: I don't!
Tom: Oh. Well it SEEMS like you do...
me: common misconception, I guess
Tom: I have nothing
me: gotcha

Tom: I went for a nice hike on Sunday in the Whites
me: that's cool
Tom: but that isn't blog material
me: I see what you're saying
Tom: You need to get on Facebook
me: blechhh. i don't see how that would help
Tom: Well I posted some nice pics of my hike there. could be just one more way to meet that special someone
me: ew, ick
Tom: just sayin'
me: that sentence was gag-worthy. Anyway i think i'm giving up dating, which is not helping my blog one bit
Tom: Me too
me: it just keeps getting worse and worse date-wise, and i'm out of this town in about 3 months anyway, so what am i doing? i think i quit
Tom: an honorable decision. you've def given it your all
me: i'm exhausted
Tom: emotionally, physically
me: emotionally, physically, all of it
Tom: yar, I know. me too. just call uncle
me: i'll call aunt
Tom: actually, thats probably the only approach you haven't taken
me: what?
Tom: ...not trying at all
me: not trying as an approach to what?
Tom: to finding that special someone
me: if not trying is an approach, then it kind of becomes trying, in a way, doesn't it?
Tom: Of course!
me: so the point is to trick the universe into thinking you really don't care when actually you do
Tom: well, no. its a zen thing. I'll explain over a beer sometime. Gotta go
me: ok. hey, do you mind if i post our conversation on my blog?
me: sounds like a yes to me. but is it a yes you mind or a yes you don't mind?
me: ok, but don't be surprised when you read about this on my blog
me: my blog!


  1. it might be time to buy some stories for the blog, like when Peterman bought Kramer's stories. So where are you going to be in about 3 months?

  2. Good idea. Anyone have any stories they'd like to sell? (Donations also gladly accepted).

    And, I'm coming home, baby! For a few months, at least. What comes after is still TBD. But in a few short months I'll be D.C.(ish)-bound! I can't wait.

  3. Not actually, really D.C.-bound, but near enough, anyway. We'll all have to wear clean shirts and new shoes and get our suits from the attic. I'll probably have to get a haircut, too.

    See ya! :)

    I'm going on three...but only to blog about them (pfft).

  5. Ooooh, you're doing that? I almost did but then chickened out. I have enough problems with online dating when I've already seen a pic beforehand, but going into it blind? Well...that's just crazy! Although in the name of blog fodder, well, I just might be desperate enough. Can't wait to hear how it goes!

  6. it all comes and goes, baby--- share living in the city-- that's what I want to read about-- sidewalks and restaurants oh yes!


  7. Blog fodder can be so hard to come by sometimes. *sigh*