Monday, January 14, 2008

Why today could be YOUR lucky day

Because you could be the winner of this handsome 366-day (366 days for the price of 365! Now that's a deal!) Simpsons desk calendar! And yes, I realize it's already mid-January and not exactly calendar season anymore, but that's why it's free.

Also, while I have nothing against the Simpsons, obviously, or calendars in general, I have trouble with the page-a-day format. I'll miss a day or two and end up falling behind, and then I'll feel badly about myself, like, I can't even do this right, god. I've found that wall calendars are much lower-maintenance and overall better for my self-esteem. But maybe someone you know has no such neurotic hang-ups. Or maybe you are that someone. First, ask yourself these questions: Do you know what day it is? Do you tremble when faced with the crushing responsibility of daily calendar maintenance? Do you know the name of the comic strip Bart creates in episode DABF13? If you answered no to any or none of these questions, then this could be the calendar for you.

How to enter: Correctly answer the following five questions and e-mail your responses to diaryofwhy at gmail dot com by this Friday January 18 at 12:00 PM, EST.

1. What name does Bart use on his credit card application?
2. What brand of beer do they drink in Shelbyville?
3. Which of the following has Lisa not been romantically linked with: Milhouse, Kearney, Ralph, or Nelson?
4. Marge decides to go into business selling which snack treat: pretzels, marshmallows or cookies?
5. What vegetable did Abe Simpson once wear on his belt because it was the style at the time: onion, tomato, or radish?

All correct submissions will be entered into a random drawing. The winner will be notified via e-mail and will receive their prize via the U.S. Postal Service.

Odds of winning: The five people who read this blog may have to fight it out, but all in all, the odds are pretty good. Enter today!


  1. Uh, as much as I love the Simpsons, could I just take the LSAT instead? Thanks, you're a doll.

  2. Option #2: Send an e-mail, and give any answer at all. Twelve. The letter G. John F. Kennedy Jr. And you may just win by default. At this point, JUST SEND ANYTHING, AND YOU WILL WIN. Any takers?

  3. You are too damn funny.

    Your response just reminded me of the SNL skit about Jeopardy with Sean Connery. Was it Sean Connery? Now I'm second guessing myself.

  4. It was Sean Connery. "That's therapists." Heh.

  5. Did Louise send you an email? She said she was gonna be crafty and look up all the info. I, on the other hand, can't stand the Simpsons (sorry, for those of you who do...) My hubby thinks its rather comical, not me though. Anyhow, I hope you are having a fantastical week at school.

  6. more notably, you're watching sexy movies, huh? yes, i know its based on famous literature, but its still pretty steamy.

  7. not that there is anything wrong with that.

  8. Oh god...I know all the answers to your trivia questions. Now you know how I spent my youth!*

    *also, ask me anything about BH 90210 and I can answer it for you!

  9. I have trouble keeping up with page a month calendars. The one on my fridge is 2 months behind

  10. I won the calendar! I answered every question perfectly (except the one in which I apparently erroneously claimed that Harry Truman was the owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant).

    The calendar arrived today and it is a beauty! Each page filled with the rich, fascinating Simpsons' history, and all sitting in a pretty blue plastic holder that is perfect for office or home.

    My happiness is complete. Bless you, R.