Monday, November 19, 2007

Why coffee just got more interesting

I have a date tomorrow at noon, at the coffee shop down the street from my office. It feels a little strange to me, to be going on a date in the bright light of day, for one thing, and to be doing it in the same place I regularly go to study when I can't stand the musty confines of the basement grad student offices any longer. What is it they say about mixing business with pleasure, anyway? Pursue it? Avoid it? I can't seem to remember. In any case, he's a grad student, I'm a grad student, and we work down the street from each other. It just seems to make sense.

When I expressed my concern at being able to find each other, he had this to say in response:

I will see you at noon then. It will probably be crowded, but I will wear one of those giant foam hands with the extended index finger so you will be able to recognize me.

Heh. What a joker. Unless...wouldn't it be awesome if he actually did wear a giant foam finger? In fact, I think I'll be a little disappointed if he doesn't. After all, you know what they say about guys with big, latex hands, don't you? No? You don't? Well...I bet they never have any trouble hailing a cab, for one thing. And they have really big...hearts. Yes, that's it. Huge, throbbing hearts.

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