Saturday, September 22, 2007

Why did the Freudian cross the penis? I mean road

IM conversation with the ex:

me: burning the midnight oil?
ex: web stuff
check out my site...
me: donne-moi l'addresse
ex: one sex


And now it appears that he will likely be attending a show in October, which happens to be a show that I will also be attending. And why is he going to this show? How did he find out about it? Well, because I told him about it, of course. (What the hell is wrong with me? Seriously, what?) We've both seen this band live before, twice, while we were together. The idea of seeing this show and him not being there seemed so strange that I kind of just assumed that he would naturally be there. And now, thanks to my apparent need to inflict pain upon myself, it seems that he will.

The last time we saw each other was The Returning of the Stuff, otherwise known as The Reason I Currently Own Four Black Eyeliner Pencils, Three Eyelash Curlers, Two Hairdryers, and Way More Lipgloss Than Is Necessary Considering That I Have But One Mouth, Oh My God. I can only hope our next meeting will go better than the last, which was, hmm, how to put it, not good. There was much hysterical crying on the one hand, and on the other what could either be described as stoicism or as not really giving a shit. But we'll call it stoicism. (I'll let you guess who was who).

And now, five months later, maybe I'll see him again. And maybe I won't.

Gmail, you asshole.

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