Sunday, September 30, 2007

Pourquoi je suis triste

Home in time for The Simpsons.

In person he was cuter and smelled delightful. I spent the hour feeling clumsy, dull, and inadequate. It's tough to be sparkling when your date appears to show little to no interest in you. And in another language, nonetheless. I'm also fairly insecure about admitting to French people that I teach their mother tongue, the very same one I am currently butchering, to poor, unsuspecting undergrads. To top it off I was trying and failing to ignore a throbbing cold sore on my bottom lip. Don't worry, it only shows when I talk. Gah.

He said he was tired. Maybe he was. Maybe he was French and aloof. Maybe he wasn't interested. Though he did enter my phone number into his iPhone and said he'd call me next weekend, introduce me to some French people. I'm doubtful. But we'll see. On verra.


  1. 6'6", cute, french, and smelled nice? Whoa. I will be doing some praying for you tonight. And I DON'T PRAY, Rach.
    (So maybe God will pay extra attention, huh?) :)

  2. There are more reasons in heaven and in earth why someone will or will not call you back after a first date. I think its probably only half related to the date and you yourself. That is for a yes, or for a no. Had great dates when I never heard from the person again, and bad ones where I got a text after getting off the motorcycle on the way home (in fact, that happened, basically, this week).
    You never know. See where it goes.