Thursday, August 30, 2007

Why is it never the one you want?

After another very un-spectacular and borderline awkward date, I rather hoped I wouldn't hear from John again.

After strained conversation over dinner and beer at Boston Beer Works in which I blatantly criticized his taste in music (Him: "Well, what kind of music would you call Nickelback? Or Lifehouse?" Me: "Umm, bad?"), we finally (finally) made our way to Jillian's, where I won one game of pool, and every single game of ping pong, until I protested that that all of the winning I was doing was really tiring me out. Sadly, even alcohol and ping pong could not save this relationship. I turned down his offer of a ride home (and somewhat regretted it half an hour later, as I was still waiting for the bus), and thought, Well, at least that's over.

I wasn't sure what I would do if he wanted to go out again, and I was hoping I wouldn't have to deal with it. A week went by, and I thought I was in the clear; I had actually rather forgotten about him. Then today I received an e-mail along the lines of:

Hey Rachel, I know you're getting ready to go back to school soon, but if you have some free time, let me know.

So, my faithful (and beautiful!) readers, my question is, do I:

a) not write back and assume he'll get the message
b) write back and say, "School hard, no free time, will, er, let you know..."
c) write back and say that while he's a very nice guy, I just don't think we have anything in common

Do you know which one I want to do? (Either of the passive-aggressive options work well for me, actually). But if the last one is truly the "right" thing to do, as I suspect deep down that it is, then why is it the one that makes me feel the bitchiest?

Advice, dearies? (Send help! and ice cream!)

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  1. I always choose A, but I'm the icky passive aggressive one.

    B. is best for both, a nice brush off.

    C. Will make YOU feel better about being honest, but unless you get the "I'm super self esteem guy" vibe from him, it will make his feel like shit if he is digging you. But, you'll feel better, and he'll only feel like shit for a minute.

    So. I go with A. :)