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Wedding Woes: A Venue Revue

In my last post I was beginning to lose it, just a little bit. Our wedding budget felt like it was spiraling out of control. Our venue was already more than we had budgeted for, and then they tacked on an outdoor ceremony set-up fee. The proposals from the approved caterers list started coming back, and they were all really high. 

We did have one other venue that we liked, as I mentioned, which would be slightly cheaper. It's in Baltimore, and it's quirky and artsy and funky and fun. 

However, my cousin was married there in 2010. She's now divorced, and thinking about her being there with her current boyfriend just felt weird and slightly unkind. Our family is small; just my sister and I and our three cousins on my mother's side. Hers has been the only wedding in our family so far. Let's just pick any other venue! I thought. But we visited, and Simon didn't want to love it, but he did, and I didn't want to love it, but I did. But was it really worth losing ou…

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